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Villa Creek Cellars
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Villa Creek Cellars


“We are loyal to our natural surroundings and seek to understand them rather than control them.”


The Villa Creek origin story begins with Cris and his wife JoAnn Cherry moving to Paso Robles in 1996 to open their farm-to-table restaurant “Villa Creek.” Inspired by the growing wine scene around them, they started exploring the world of winemaking and produced their first vintage in 2001. Thus, bringing Villa Creek Cellars to life.

In 2017, the Cherrys decided to close the restaurant and dedicate themselves to wine-making full-time. The family went on to farm nearly 60 acres of land in West Paso, an area with remarkably similar characteristics to the acclaimed Southern Rhône estates in France. 

The steep hillsides surrounding their tasting room offer more than just generous views. They also provide superior growing conditions. Thanks to the calcareous and protective limestone, four acres of biodynamically farmed Garnacha were the prized result of their first grapevines—a feat that would propel them forward.

Over the years, the Cherrys have honed their craft and remain committed to farming with integrity. Only organic and sustainably farmed grapes are used in the production of their wines, many of which come from the region’s most esteemed growers such as James Berry, Kirk-Landry (CCOF), Whale Rock (CCOF), and their own MAHA Estate (CCOF, Demeter BIODYNAMIC, and ROC, Regenerative Organic). Their aligned efforts allow Villa Creek to influence the farming practices of the growers they choose from—a relationship that allows for the release of some of the region’s most immaculate wines.

Reserve your experience at The Oakville in Fulton Market to enjoy selections previously only available at Villa Creek Winery’s California tasting room. 


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